Tinnitus Evaluation

A bit of an enigma in the medical community, tinnitus affects more than 20 million Americans and often manifests without any known cause. Patients who experience symptoms of the condition often note that they hear a clicking, buzzing, hissing, or ringing sound in their ears when there is no external sound present. These sounds may come and go or always be present and their volume can vary in intensity. While symptoms of tinnitus can vary from one patient to the next, most will agree that it’s a condition that can be very frustrating to live with.

Although researchers are steadily gaining more insight into why tinnitus occurs and have developed courses of treatment that help to lessen the condition, there is still no cure. Part of the challenge in determining how to stop the frustrating symptoms is that tinnitus itself is not a disease, but instead signals that something is wrong elsewhere in the body. In most cases, parts of the ear, the auditory nerve, or portions of the brain that interpret sound are the causes of the constant ringing or buzzing sounds.

As we gain more understanding around this condition, physicians have determined that tinnitus can be caused by:

  • Untreated medical conditions
  • Sudden impact noises
  • Exposure to loud sounds over time
  • Head or neck injuries
  • Natural aging
  • Medication side effects (called ototoxicity)

Tinnitus symptoms can range from slightly bothersome to completely life altering and since tinnitus is most often noticed in quiet environments, it can create sleeping problems that lead to long term fatigue.

At Hearing Solutions of North Georgia, we understand that living with tinnitus can be a frustrating ordeal and we aim to create a plan of treatment that helps you to regain control over your day to day life. Our patients have found success utilizing an incredibly wide range of solutions, including meditation and stress reduction techniques, changes to their diet, using hearing aids, or using devices like white noise machines to help mask their symptoms.

Our goal is to work with you to learn about how your tinnitus affects your daily life and to offer solutions that meet your needs. While we cannot promise that your tinnitus will be cured, what we can do is educate you about the ways in which your symptoms can be reduced and managed. Take the first step toward regaining control of your hearing and contact us today.

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